If you'd asked us to point out where Anguilla was on a map prior to our honeymoon, we wouldn't have had a clue where this alluring little island was. Our honeymoon plans were up in the air until the recommendation came from a friend who had recently visited Anguilla on business travel. Indifferent, I figured I'd check out the hotel and the island to see what it had to offer. A few hours later, our trip was booked. 

We stayed at the Malliouhana, a stunningly tranquil resort seated on Meads Bay. Island elegance at its finest, every last detail was impeccable, down to the mosaic mirrored floors that reflected the vibrant interiors. 

Pineapple & Prosecco: Honeymoon in Anguilla Photo Diary

The rooms were filled with eclectic patterns, bright colors and beautiful island-style design accents. 

The duration of our stay happened to be at the time of Anguilla's annual Carnival, the island's biggest Summer holiday. We had front row seats to the daily sailboat races right from our cozy balcony. 

With only 44 rooms in the entire resort, we literally had the place to ourselves. Off-season was 100% the way to go! We divied up our days between the pool and the beach, both with remarkable views of the island. 

I also have to mention that I don't have any photos of our food because it never stayed on our plate long enough. It was truly that good. We ate like kings every day thanks to the hotel's Michelin starred chef. 

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We also did a lot of exploring of the grounds. There were tucked away paths around every corner, each more striking than the one before. 

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Above, Turtle Cove, a private oasis exclusive to hotel guests (or maybe just us). We never saw another soul on this beach! 

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We spent our afternoons drinking tea and playing backgammon. 

...and our nights watching Anguilla sunsets.