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Mother's Day Gifts I'd Actually Buy My Mom

Speaking honestly, so many of the Mother's Day gift guides I see are either filled with way too many splurge items, or things I would just never practically buy my own mom. I wanted to create a guide this year tailored to my mom, filled with things I have bought her in the past or things I would buy her currently.

My mom is a homebody like me, loves cozy things and making meals for everyone and doesn't treat herself often. Here are some of my favorites I picked out for her...

Super Simple by Half Baked Harvest - My mom and I are constantly DM'ing each other Half Baked Harvest recipes and posts and I've always been super impressed by how practical her cookbooks are, with so may meals that I would actually make.

Santorini Candle - My mom loves this candle (so do I). I'm always hesitant to buy a scent I'm unfamiliar with, but trust me on this one. It's an amazing, fresh scent that smells like a lavish vacation!

Our Place Perfect Pot - I've gifted Our Place cookware to both my mom and in-laws, and it never fails! Our favorite and most-used cookware.

Our Place Always Pan - The Always Pan is what we use most nights, but the discounted. The Home Cook Duo (pot & pan) would be a great joint sibling gift!

Lululemon Belt Bag - My mom and I always spend time walking downtown on the weekends, and this is the perfect casual throw-on-and-go bag.

Cozy PJs - My mom loves PJs more than the average mom. These are soo soft and a step above your classic PJ set!

Vinglacé Wine Chiller - We're always smuggling our wine bottles to the beach. Perfect accessory to keep it crisp and cold.

Bala Bangle Weights - My mom's been really into the Peloton off-the-bike classes lately and these are a great add-on to gift with a pair of workout leggings (my mom loves these)!

Electric Picks Huggies - My mom always compliments me on my EP jewelry. Guaranteed for life and never tarnishes! DANIELLE20 will get you 20% off.

T3 Round Brush - Hair is not mom's strong suit, so anything to help with the process is much-appreciated for her!

Funky Glassware - My mom likes to collect colorful, unique glasses and I loved these!

Woven Recipe Box - She's always cooking something for us, and her OG recipes are some of our favorites.

Knife Block - This is something I know my mom wouldn't buy for herself, but would appreciate looking pretty in her kitchen! We have this block and love these knives (PS - no dishwasher for this set).

Barefoot Dreams Robe - My mom actually gifted this to me for the holidays and I loooove it so much. She's always saying how she wishes she got one for herself, too.