Happy MDW! Finally bringing you this look, which I shared on my Instagram last week. I have been in major procrastination mode lately!

Joe and I had originally planned to head out to our family's place in Montauk for the weekend, before realizing how insane we were for thinking that out of all weekends, this one (the busiest one of the year next to July 4th), would be a good idea. So this week, we made a last-minute decision to nix our trip out east and just hang home for the weekend.

Weekends at home this time of year - with the barbecue going, rosé flowing and the fire pit ready for s'mores - are our favorite kind of weekends.

It's crazy to think that we're less than a month away from the official start of summer, and while signs of a new season are starting to show and temps are warming up, we're not quite there just yet.

Accessorizing in late Spring can get tricky because you're often ready to ditch the jacket, and aren't left with much else. A neck scarf is the perfect way to add a subtle statement to an otherwise plain outfit. Jeans and a tee are my go-to this time of year, and I have been loving how ridiculously easy is to add a neck scarf and throw together a few ridiculously easy pieces for an easy-going, yet polished look. All you need is a few different color varieties to compliment your shoes or your bag, and you're done. Literally that easy.

neck scarf 

I've gotten a lot of questions about how to tie this style and to be honest, the first time I did it, I made it up, and it worked.

How To Tie a Square Neck Scarf

1. Fold your square in half, creating a triangle.

2. Starting from the widest part of the shape, fold and roll your scarf into 1.5" sections.

3. Once fully rolled, grab your scarf by the middle to prevent it from unravelling.

4. Place the middle on the back of your neck to both ends are hanging in front.

5. Overlap one piece with the other, keeping the scarf flat, and slowly create a knot.

6. Knot the scarf once more loosely to secure it. 

neck scarf


neck scarf


neck scarf


neck scarf


neck scarf


neck scarf


neck scarf




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