Every January, I make it a point to go through my closet and take some quick mental notes on the state of my wardrobe. It helps me to get organized, and is usually accompanied by a closet clean out, which helps me to start preparing and thinking about the Spring season (what I need, what I don't, etc.)

This year, I was in a major mood to purge. So much so that six huge lawn and leaf bags later, I'm feeling totally refreshed and ready for a new phase. 

Of course, like I'm sure most of you guys can relate, my style has changed drastically over the years. I had my A&F days in high school followed by my Urban Outfitters + American Apparel kick in college which transformed into all-things Lulu's + Tobi. Contrary to most who cringe looking back at their fashion choices, I love watching how my style has evolved over the years. 

Doing a major closet refresh was a great way for me to see the types of pieces that I'm still invested in, and what styles and trends I'm ready to leave behind. Here's what I plan to switch up this year...new year new style


new year new style
new year new style


Bolder accessories

Most days, I'm a 'throw it on and go' kind of person. Especially on work days, It's typically pants or a pencil skirt, a blouse and some pumps - and I'm good to go. Since starting my blog, I have put a lot more effort into carefully curating my looks. I've learned that a great accessory makes all the difference, and sometimes you have to go bold. Newly into: red bags.

Less basic basics

I am always quick to reach for a basic tee or turtleneck in my closet and this is a facet of my style I know will never change. I am, however, learning to embrace less basic basics, like stripes, graphics and different textures. This is also helping me to add a bit more color into my wardrobe, while still staying true to what I'm most comfortable in. 

Wear-again pieces

I hate to admit it, but I am the queen of buying something on impulse, wearing it once, and never touching it again. I mentally scold myself every time I do a closet clean out and sift through the one-and-done pieces to donate! Trends come and go and while I love embracing the new and will still continue to do so, I plan to do it in a smarter way and only settle on the pieces I know I will wear again. 

new year new style

new year new style
new year new style



More fitted styles

There's something about an oversized sweater that's just so easy (and comfy, duh). I have always loved the little facet of my style that embraced 70s fashion and in turn, often gravitate towards long and flowy pieces. While I love those types of pieces, I've also come to appreciate and value more of the classics. I plan to introduce more fitted blouses and blazers into my wardrobe this year.

Classic denim

Saved the best for last, obviously. I am, and will always be, a denim girl. There's something about the perfectly-fitted jean with a classic denim wash that I live for. It's like women who feel all warm + fuzzy over their shoe collection; that's me to a T with denim. This year, I'm on the hunt for some classic non-trendy styles (as in, just a regular jean, no rips, no raw hem or embellished details) and I can't wait to share my finds with you!

Which aspects of your style have changed over the years? What are you looking forward to wearing more of this year? Let me know in the comments below!


new year new style

new year new style


new year new style


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