My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Let's talk nighttime skincare! I recently shared a walkthrough of my nighttime skincare routine on IG Stories, and wanted to follow up with a breakdown of my current favorites.

But first, hear this! Your nighttime skincare routine doesn't have to be an elaborate, 20-step production. I mean, of course, some nights we like to go all out and that's okay too! But on a regular basis, I'm talking 5 minutes and done. That's all I have time for girlfriend. 

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Step 1: Makeup Remover (Micellar Water and/or Facial Cleanser)

Cleanser at night, with the water everywhere and dripping down your face can be annoying AF. Don't get me wrong I still do it, but I complain about it every night.

When I do begrudgingly cleanse, I use Tula's Purifying Facial Cleanser. Before you start judging me for being the 568th blogger who promotes Tula - I don't work with them! I received this cleanser in a FabFitFun box and genuinely loved it. It smells fresh and clean, and gets the job done without leaving my skin feeling dried out. My only complaint is that I wish it lathered a little better.

In an attempt to make my cleansing process a little less messy, I recently tried out Micellar Water for the first time. I love how easy it is, but haven't found the right one yet. Thinking of trying this one by Burt's Bees, that has a great score on Think Dirty as a clean beauty product.

Found these amazing reusable facial cleansing cloths on Amazon which I've been using. They come in a pack of 24 and with a little laundry bag, so you basically use one a night for just about a month, pop em in the wash, and they're good to go for round 2!


Step 2: Toner

I'll be the first to admit that I previously strayed away from toner because I had used a handful of really drying toners in the past. For the longest time I thought that was what a toner does - dries out the oil on your skin; so glad I was wrong. 

Tried this Rose Deep Hydration Toner by Fresh and it was love at first swipe. Smells amazing (it has actual fresh rose petals in it), keeps my skin nice and hydrated, and gets that excess dirt and oil off (I use this every morning and night, BTW).

Step 3: Serum/Retinol

Like I'm sure many of you can relate with, I wasn't always super diligent with my skincare. It wasn't really until my late-20's that I started paying attention to anti-aging products, and an actual skincare routine

Retinol scared me. So many out there, no idea where to start or which one might be too harsh for my skin...but then I was recommended Neutrogena's Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum by a family member with connections in the beauty industry. Higher ups at both Mac and Esteé Lauder swore by this product, saying it was far ahead of many of its kind, and assuring her that this was it. Have been loving this so far (I use it mainly just on my forehead), and don't find that it has any major drying effects, especially when followed by a good moisturizer.

Step 4: Eye Cream

Another area of skincare I neglected for too long! I get a little overwhelmed by all of the eye creams out there, and am definitely open to trying new brands down the road. Right now, I'm using Shiseido's Benefiance WrinkleResist Eye Cream and loving it. It's tiny tube really lasts (1/2 a pea size is enough for both eyes) and it's thick formula keeps my eyes hydrated and plump until I wake up the next morning.


Step 5: Moisturizer

When it comes to moisturizer in my nighttime skincare routine, I keep a few on deck that I really enjoy and kind of switch between. I did try Tula's daily moisturizer and did not like that it made my pores visibly larger after just a few days. Right now, I'm primarily switching between my OG, St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer (for $5 this shit is amaze), and Fresh's Lotus Youth Preserve Night Cream. Few more I've used and enjoyed below...

Step 6: Lip Mask

I don't use this religiously, but in the Wintertime, it's usually an every-other-night (or when I remember) kind of product. I tried Laniege's cult favorite Lip Sleeping Mask and was instantly hooked. This stuff works wonders - and overnight! Just be careful to only apply on lips, as it can cause clogged pores if it sits on your skin.

And that's the scoop! This whole process takes about 5 minutes each night, and my skin is 100% thanking me for developing a consistent routine. Do you have any holy grail products? LMK below! Always love hearing recommendations!