How I Got Organized this January

I always hop on the 'new year, fresh start' train come January, because I feel like it forces me to get organized after a long few months of (what can feel like) everything in excess; holiday decor, gifts, you name it — it piles up so quick and January is the perfect time for a big refresh.

Joe and I spent a lot of time organizing throughout the house in January. We tackled one room at a time, starting with the spaces that felt like they needed it the most (my shoe organization turned out to be my favorite project). Here are some of my favorite organization purchases that have helped to consolidate and stay clutter-free!


Car organization tip: Keep all of your essentials in your glove compartment in a double-sided toiletry bag instead of treating it like a bottomless pit. When I need to grab something like hand sanitizer, a brush or a lint roller, it's tucked away in an easy-to-grab place.

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Pantry organization tip: I love using clear canisters and bins to keep things like pastas and rice organized, but don't forget your expiration dates! I always keep these peel off china markers handy to write on canisters, that easily wipes right off.

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Fridge organization tip: Create zones in your fridge for different food categories. Designate specific shelves or drawers for fruits, veggies, dairy, and leftovers. This not only makes it easier to find things quickly but over time, you'll memorize these sections which will help keep things tidy without having to do a massive fridge clean out with forgotten foods.

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Bathroom organization tip: Designate your 'on display' items, and find a spot in a drawer or a cabinet for everything else. I love these under-the-sink organizers for extra products and rollover. If you're working with a smaller cabinet or drawer, these handled bins are great for easily sliding in and out.

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Closet organization tip: Swap your clothes out seasonally. There's no reason to rifle through Summer clothes in the Winter and have them take up extra space! Quarterly, stow away off-season clothes in storage bins, vacuum-sealed bags or a spare closet.

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Office organization tip: Set aside 5 minutes to declutter your desk at the end of each workday. File away papers, clear unnecessary post-its, and put stray pens back where they belong. This is such a simple thing to do that is also so easily pushed aside — but I promise it will have a major impact on your productivity!

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Laundry organization tip: Try using labeled bins or baskets for different categories like cleaning products, stain essentials, and any other misc. laundry room items. When everything has a dedicated space, it at least takes a little stress off of laundry days, when everything is in an easy-to-find place.

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Junk drawer organization tip: Introducing drawer and cable organizers into my junk drawer was a complete game-changer. This forced me to get rid of so much stuff floating around aimlessly that I didn't need and keep those misc. junk drawer essentials easy to find.

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