Chemical vs. Physical Sunscreen

While I'm so happy that taking care of your skin is "in", I wish it would have been a more emphasized part of my skincare routine through my teens and early 20's. As someone with fair skin and lots of freckles, my parents always slathered me in sunscreen, however the second I hit my teens, all I wanted was to be tanThis came at any cost, including tanning beds, long beach days with no sunblock, and overall bad habits when it came to taking care of my skin.

Better late than never I guess, right?! Sunscreen is now a very important part of my skincare routine, and self tanner is my best friend.

In today's post, I want to break down the big different between chemical versus physical sunscreens, which is the better choice depending on your skin type, and a few of my personal favorite products!

*Post updated March 4, 2023