Let's Talk Undertones!

One of the most frequently-asked questions I get when sharing makeup is "how do I find my foundation shade?". Here's the honest truth...so many online retailers have become so great with their return policies, and I always recommend ordering 2-3 shades when you're trying a brand new foundation and returning the ones that don't work. skin undertone

That said, it's still important to have a starting point! Most makeup brands will categorize their shades with undertones in mind or show you photos of skin with different undertones, which will help you make your selection. skin undertone

You'll often hear things like "warm undertones" or "pink undertones", and today we're going to demystify what all of that means and make it a little bit easier to find your next foundation match.

PS - I wear shades Light & Neutral Medium in my favorite ItCosmetics CC Cream + Illumination and switch between the two shades depending on the tone of my skin (seasonally, with/without self-tanner, etc.)