I'd say it's about time I shared some bar cart inspo given that it's been almost 6 months that it's been sitting in my dining room! To be honest, I was feeling little uninspired to create a winter-themed setup, so put things on the back burner until Spring.

I will say, it took a lot of trial and error, figuring out what to put where and trying not to overdo it, but I'm so happy with how everything came out and can't wait to share some of my favorite bar cart essentials with you, along with a few simple + refreshing Spring cocktails!

Need some Fall bar cart inspo? Check out my Halloween-inspired bar cart!

Top Level:

The top level of your bar cart is what's going to be the main focus, which is why it's important to split it up about 70/30 glassware to decor. Back corner spaces are a great place for a floral arrangement or a decorative object! I recommend mixing in some height to achieve a more balanced look. Have some fun with textures and colors. I love the addition of opaque, colored glassware mixed in with your standard clear glass. 

+ Found my gorgeous pink textured glasses from Anthropologie earlier this year, and jumped on them right away. They're sadly no longer available, but these are almost identical!

+ Also picked up these frosted gold rimmed highball glasses (great for mojitos) from Anthro, with their matching pitcher. I bought a set of 6 but keep the rest stored away - which I think is totally okay! As much as a bar cart is intended to be practical, you don't have to have full sets out on display at all times (as long as they're easily accessible!).

+ Your top level is also a great place to display your 'prettier' liquors. These Ketel One Botanical bottles were too good of a match with my overall color scheme not to include! I'll sometimes swap these out for our scotch decanter, too.  

+ Do books belong on a bar cart? Who knows, but they looked super cute. Shop them here (purple, top) + here (pink, bottom)


spring bar cart

spring bar cart
spring bar cart
spring bar cart



Bottom Level:

Think of the bottom level of your bar cart as your overflow...that should still look pretty. It's a great place for larger sets of glassware that you want to keep out, pitchers, or bigger bottles that may take up too much room at the top. As with the top, I recommend mixing in some decor (I went with more colored florals because, Spring) along with some color. 

+ I keep my frosted pitcher on the bottom level, which is a great piece to have access to when I'm mixing a small batch of cocktails.

+ Also keep a lot of my higher glasses down here, like champagne flutes and traditional highball mixers. I stumbled upon these champagne glasses with a chunky, modern stem at Target and fell in love. They're probably one of my favorite items on my bar cart! 

+ I will say, my margarita glasses deserve a spot on the top row (these are actually my moms, but I borrowed aka stole them because I drink waaay more margs than she does). These are hand blown and from forever ago, but I love this short-stemmed glass (actually buying it right now) and this green recycled glass option. 


5 Refreshing Spring Cocktails:

It would be totally wrong of me to leave ya without some of my fave cocktail recipes while on the topic of bar carts! I personally like to keep my cocktails fresh and simple (lots of sugar and mixes are a definite no for me). 

1. First one (to the right) is as simple as it comes. Ketel One Botanical Cucumber + Mint and seltzer on the rocks. Dangerously refreshing (it literally tastes like cucumber water). PS - A cocktail made with KOB contains less calories than a glass of white wine. Win-win.

2. The Paloma - Another under-5 ingredient cocktail that's refreshing with a touch of sweet! If you're a grapefruit lover, it's a must-try. 

3. Spiked Blue Raspberry Lemonade - Okay, I know I'm contradicting myself with the 'to sweet' thing, but lemonade is my weakness (esp when it's freshly made!) and who doesn't love anything blue raspberry?! (prob a lot of people but I do).

4. Cucumber Lime + Tequila - Similar to a margarita, but with a bit of a fresher flavor.

5. Strawberry Gin Smash - Not the biggest fan of gin, but you can substitute this cocktail with your favorite liquor. 


styling bar cart

A few other favorites...

spring bar cart
spring bar cart

spring bar cart