Travel Packing Hacks: My Tips for Stress-Free Packing

I've come to accept that I am, by nature, an anxious traveler. It's not that I'm not excited about the vacation, but getting ready and getting there takes a whole lot out of me.

So much of my own anxiety comes from the packing process, and I've found that that planning as much in advance is possible keeps me so much calmer as I prepare for a trip. Being that we just got back from our trip to Boca, I thought it'd be the perfect time to share some travel packing hacks that have helped me to travel smoothly with minimal anxiety.

Say it with me...chill the f out, it'll all be worth it when I get there.


Travel Packing Hacks

Seatback Organizer (no more dirty airplane seatbacks) / Pill Case (skip the bottles and just bring a few of what you need) / Cosmetics Case (this fits everything & then some) / Cord Organizer (keep all of your chargers in one place) / Powerbank Charger (holds 5+ iPhone charges) / Kindle / Sunglasses Holder (holds & protects 5 pairs) / Hanging Toiletry Bag (great for shorter trips) / Travel Wrap (keeps you cozy on the plane & doubles as a blanket) / Packing Cubes / Under Eye Gels (perfect mid-flight pick-me-up) / All Natural Bloat Supplement (I swear by these for indulgent vacation meals)

My favorite travel packing hacks

1. Make a packing list

Take the time to make a packing list of anything & everything you might need, down to what you're bringing in your carry-on. I keep a running checklist list in Google Drive open on my computer as I pack and it takes out so much guesswork and stress of forgetting something.

2. Start packing early

And no, you don't have your suitcase zipped & ready to go! Start about a week ahead of your trip by planning out your outfits, reviewing your packing list, etc. No matter how much you may think you thrive last-minute, it always attributes to some stress, and will make you more inclined to leave behind something you need.

3. Plan with outfits, rather than options

I used to pack by pulling out individual pieces I wanted to bring and it always left me overpacked and overwhelmed. Now, I pack by outfit (dinner night 1, beach day 2, etc.). Having the full outfit including shoes and accessories planned out ahead of time also helps with the 'what do I wear?' debate! Win-win.

4. Don't write off packing cubes

...just because you think they're only for super-organized, Type A people. You can use packing cubes to store individual outfits, or use them to store a group of clothing (for example, pajamas) and they'll also make unpacking once you get to your destination easier!

5. Get a luggage scale

...and eliminate the fear of having to open up your bag and move things around to avoid the overweight fee while there's a line of people behind you. Trust me, the $10 bucks is well spent and will also help you on the way home if you're bringing some extra items from your trip.

6. Store delicate items in your shoes

Packing delicate items? Stuff them in your shoes around a few pairs of socks. This will help protect the item and will help your shoes not to get crushed.

7. Pack your beach hat like this...

If you're heading on a beach vacation and packing a hat, put it in your suitcase first. Stuff socks or other items in the head, and then lay it flat to keep the brim straight. Then, simply pack around it. (If you don't have room in your suitcase, this magnet for your carry-on bag is a lifesaver).

8. Utilize your carry-on

Thankful it's only happened once in my life, but I've had my luggage not show up at my destination. I always pack my essentials (makeup bag, an outfit or two, extra underwear/socks, valuables) in my carry-on just in case. Fill up the extra room with your heaviest items to save weight in your suitcase!

9. Ditch the ziplocs

Commit to a toiletry bag or case instead of a million ziploc bags. Not only is it a waste because they usually end up breaking, but it will also help you to only bring what you need and what fits instead of just reaching for an extra plastic bag.

10. Stay organized with bags

For items outside your toiletries, mesh bags are your friend for things like jewelry, sunblock, and other loose items. They hold up much better than ziplocs and won't get damaged if they get wet. I use these in my beach bags, too!

These travel packing hacks have helped ease so much travel anxiety for me, and I hope you can use some for your next trip!