I will be the first one to say it; I hated leopard. I'm not typically one of those people who proclaims, "I'll never wear x, y or z" because I know how quickly my own mind changes. Except for leopard. I can't tell you how many times I said I'll never wear leopard.

Why? It always seemed like a gaudy, over-the-top print to me. Until of course, it came into the spotlight and I kept seeing it over and over again (most of the time, styled really tastefully); and then I officially decided I'd do the unthinkable and give it a try myself.

Here's the thing - I'm not going to have a closet full of leopard print, because I still don't love it. But I like it, and think that if done right, you can pull off this trend without overdoing it.

ways to wear leopard
ways to wear leopard

1/ Layer a Leopard Dress
With a Chunky Knit

I found this leopard wrap dress on ASOS and fell in love with the design, BUT, I didn't love the idea of being in leopard head to toe.

Wearing a full printed dress would have been a bit too bold for my style, so I decided to layer a neutral chunky knit on top, throw on a pair of sneakers for a casual feel, and grab some neutral accessories (PS - my bag is under $100!).

I felt so comfortable in this look and loved how the ivory on top kept the look soft and neutral.

If you have a sweater and feel it's too long or bulky, simply knot it up, or use a few pieces of double stick tape to create a 'front-tuck' illusion.

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ways to wear leopard
ways to wear leopard
ways to wear leopard
ways to wear leopard
ways to wear leopard

2/ Pair a Leopard Midi
with a Pop of Color

Contrary to some styles I've seen, leopard print doesn't go with every color. I personally, would never wear leopard with pink (too much for me) or blues, greens, reds.

When I found this maxi skirt, I knew I wanted to style it with a more fitted turtleneck and a pair of booties, but I wasn't too sure about the color palette. Of course, black or brown would have been a logical option, but you guys know I typically steer clear of super dark colors.

As I flipped though my closet, I came across this mustard layering turtleneck and it was a perfect match. Still in the same color family, but a little more fun than a traditional neutral. To soften the colors, I paired it with these white boots and a draped suede biker jacket.

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ways to wear leopard
ways to wear leopard
ways to wear leopard
ways to wear leopard

How are you feeling about leopard print this season?
Love it, hate it, or somewhere in between like me?


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