Happy Monday! Feeling so relaxed and refreshed after a great week of vacation. Joe and I spent the week at our family home in Montauk for the 4th. I wish I could say it was super eventful but in reality, we caught up on some much needed sleep, worked on our tans and our summer reads and traded in daily workouts for nightly feasts. weekend in montauk

Montauk is essentially my home away from home. I grew up living and working out east for the summers and have some of my best memories there. In the past 5-8 years, what was once a quiet fishing town has transformed into THE spot for Manhattanites. Crowds have quadrupled, high-end boutiques and swanky cocktail spots have blossomed and I'm over here just wishing we could go back in time.weekend in montauk

We still always make the best of our time out there though. We love the casual, laid-back feel of town and have managed to find time to enjoy our secret little spots that the crowds haven't yet taken over. If you're heading out for a weekend trip, here's a peek into some of the outfits I wore throughout the week.weekend in montauk