I Tested Countless Bras & Finally Found the Best Wireless Strapless Bra

If you follow along over on Instagram, you know that we've been on a strapless bra journey this past year. After years of wearing strapless bras I was only half satisfied with, I decided to do a huge overhaul and finally find the best wireless strapless bra for my body type.

I knew I wanted something wireless because, duh. So I did lots of research, read tons of reviews and tried countless bras from top-recommended brands. Believe it or not, almost every single one just didn't make the cut...until I finally landed on Soma's Enbliss Wireless Stay Put Multi-Way Strapless Bra.

Funny story...I was the one to reach out to the Soma team when I found this bra because of how happy I was to have finally found a strapless bra that actually worked. I've been fortunate to partner with a wonderful brand like Soma over the past few years, sharing pieces that I truly love all thanks to this bra that started it all (this post is sponsored by Soma but all opinions are my own).

Best wireless strapless bra

Finding the right bra was harder than I thought

...especially as a D/DD cup. I knew I wanted something wireless but I also knew I couldn't compromise on support, which is one of the main reasons that makes Soma’s Enbliss Wireless Multi-Way Strapless one of the best wireless strapless bras out there.

Out of many, this strapless bra is hands down the most comfortable strapless bra I tried. It doesn't squeeze, it doesn't dig, it doesn't slip...it just feels good. Another thing I love about this bra is that it's a full coverage style, which for my body type was definitely a box I needed to check. I feel completely supported in strapless and one-shoulder tops, but most importantly, still comfy.

Other Soma styles I love: Enbliss Bandeau, Bodify Perfect Coverage Bra

Best wireless strapless bra

Why Soma's Enbliss Wireless Strapless bra really is that good...

Sizing + Fit: One thing learned during my strapless bra search is how important finding your correct bra size is. Highly recommend watching this video by Soma, which shares exactly how to find your bra size at home.

The Enbliss Wireless Strapless is available in band sizes 32 to 42 and cups A to G. As far as sizing goes, I ended up going with my larger cup size, and one band size up for this particular style. This strapless stays in place (no, you do not, in fact, have to concede to forever-pulling up your strapless bra) and moves with you. There's no spillover and although it's not a minimizer, it has a very sleek and supportive full-coverage fit.

Comfort: The only thing more comfortable than this bra is ditching your bra altogether. From the cushioned back closure to the super-soft spandex-blend fabric, everything about this strapless just works. I've had bras before that were seemingly great for the first few hours of wear, but by the end of the day I couldn't get them off fast enough. This is an all-day wear kind of bra that moves with you and the fact that it's wireless is just the chef's kiss of it all.

Visibility: The last thing you want is for a bra to check all the boxes...until you get dressed and realize it's showing through the shirt or has visible lines. The construction of this strapless is so sleek and even in my slimmest-fitting tops, it's extremely flattering with no visible outline of the bra showing through.

I've also found that it works with so many different types of tops. If you feel like you don't want or need to go full strapless, you can also use the removable straps to wear it 5 different ways.

For my fellow fuller-busted girls especially, you already know how difficult finding a great strapless can be. I can confidently say that my search for the best wireless strapless bra is over (thank god) thanks to this find.