Blogging, Unscripted Podcast

For those who are new around here, my name is Danielle Gervino and I am the New York-based life and style blogger behind (you can read a bit more about me here, or check out my introductory “Meet Danielle” podcast episode here).

With a few successful years of blogging under my belt and a background in marketing and design, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the industry and sharing my tips and tricks for growing your brand.

We’ll chat productivity and design, social media, brand partnerships, growth and more. I’m dishing out my honest, unfiltered advice and exclusive, actionable strategies for monetizing your influence.

My goal for this podcast is for it to feel personal to you, and part of that is me being able to connect with my listeners. Come say hi over at @bloggingunscripted or @daniellegervino. Leave me a comment, shoot me a DM or even get in touch via email! I’d love to meet you and hear more about your brand, along with what types of content you’re excited to hear more about.

If you’re not already a part of our private Facebook group, join here! We have an incredible, tight-knit community and an open forum to chat all-things blogging. I’ll also be sharing exclusive videos, podcast updates, downloadable resources and more.

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