Saying "I Do" at the Boca Raton Resort was a dream. We had the luxury of a destination that was not too far from home, yet the resort's perfected grounds and picturesque setting made it feel like we were across the globe.  boca raton resort wedding

The resort always felt like a second home to me. With my grandparents owning a place steps away, I've been visiting the hotel since as long as I can remember. The first time I took Joe down to Boca he fell in love too, and it was an easy decision for us when it came time to choose a wedding destination.

With me being from New York and Joe from New Hampshire, plus both of us living in Connecticut at the time, we didn't really have a central home base. We knew we wanted to travel for our wedding, but also wanted to pick a destination that our guests had easy access to.   boca raton resort wedding

When planning our trip, our wedding weekend quickly turned into a wedding week, then into an almost-two-week stay, which ended up being such a memorable time for us. Many of our closest friends and family turned the weekend into a vacation as well, so it just felt like a never-ending celebration with all our favorite people.


Boca Raton Resort Wedding

Joe and I traveled down with my mom and brother a week early to square away a few last minute details and have a little time to ourselves. Most of our guests arrived around Wednesday, just a few days before our Saturday wedding.

We spent most of our days leading up to the wedding at the spa and pool, directly connected to the resort.    boca raton resort wedding

One of my favorite things about the resort is that once you're there, there's really no reason to leave. With a huge grounds, a golf course, full spa, multiple pools and restaurants offering just about every cuisine, you feel like you're in your own little city.

We hosted our rehearsal dinner at Lucca, one of the hotel's in-house Italian restaurants.   boca raton resort wedding

 Everything truly went off without a hitch. Much of course, due to our amazing families and the best bridal party ever. 

Boca Raton Resort Wedding

Looking back, there's truly nothing I'd change about our wedding (except the color of the bridesmaids was 2015 guys 🤪 )

Below are some of our favorites taken by our wonderful photographer, Marco of Focused on Forever.

Shoes: Benjamin Adams London, Dress: Monique Lhuillier, Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan

Boca Raton Resort Wedding

Boca Raton Resort Wedding

Boca Raton Resort Wedding

Boca Raton Resort Wedding