It's officially official! We made it through seemingly the longest.winter.EVER. (although it's still freezing here in NY).

So the thing is, I've already shot a ton of Spring content mid-Winter to prep for the season, which I'm now finally just starting to roll out. At the time, it was waaay too cold to actually wear these outfits, but now that we've broken at least a solid 45-degrees, I can finally start putting what you'll be seeing on the blog to good use.

Today I want to chat about slip dresses because to be honest, they were a piece I stayed away from for quite a while. I didn't love the way they hugged my hips and always felt like I needed to throw a pair of spanx on underneath because they were so form-fitting...until I found the right style, of course.

Going to share some styling ideas, along with how to find a more comfortable, less form-fitting type of slip dress that can take you from Spring to Summer and even into Fall.

spring slip dress

1 / Layer a Tee Underneath

I loooove layering slip dresses and  will continue to layer them all throughout the Summer. For chillier days, a light turtleneck is a great option. If it's warmer, swap it out for a tee! I like to make sure anything under a slip is fitted, because given the silky-satin fabric of a classic slip, any creases or fabric that's bulkier will show right through.

ASOS +H&M are always my go-to for fitted basics. ASOS brand, especially, usually uses a material for these types of pieces is super soft and comfy!

2 / Throw a Light Sweater on Top

It's ridiculously easy to take your slip from dress to skirt by throwing a lightweight sweater on top (see it styled in this post)! I recommend looking for more of a cropped style to avoid looking frumpy. A knit like this is perfect because it's a shorter fit that fits the waist to give off the illusion of a skirt-top combo.

3 / Finish with a Denim or Moto Jacket

Remember that third piece rule? Well, this is it! Whether your draping it over your shoulders or knotting it around your waist, a denim jacket is a great way to break up the fitted silhouette of a slip dress. You can also swap out denim for a cropped moto in the early Spring months while you still need a little something extra to keep you cozy!

spring slip dress
spring slip dress

Finding the Right Style

I can't stress this enough...check the fit on the model. I always, always look for slip dresses that are a bit more forgiving with some extra room. I'm not looking for a fitted gown, I'm looking for something I can wear more casually that has a comfortable fit.

One thing I love about my dress (also similar here) is that it ties in the back, so I can adjust the fit around the waist. You won't always find this with a slip dress though, so pay attention to that fit!

Check the size chart, read the reviews and do some digging until you find something you love!

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spring slip dress