Minimal Fall Home Decor

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Fall decor makes me sooo happy. I could spend hours on Pinterest pinning home decor (actually, who am I kidding...I do).

When it comes to my personal taste in home decor, I wouldn't necessarily loop myself into one overarching category. Instead, I'd describe my style as minimialistic boho-modern. I love earthy, neutral tones with a clean white background, and occasionally some more modern blacks to bring everything together.

Come Fall, you won't see me with pumpkins all over the house; maybe a few here and there but I prefer dried grasses and flowers with warm wooden accents that tie in Autumn colors.

Keep reading for a few Fall decor tips and some of my favorite minimal Fall Home decor for 2021 below.

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Minimal Fall Home Decor

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Decorating tips for a Fall feel without overdoing it

+ Not sure what your design style is? Do a little reading to get a better feel of what you gravitate towards, to make your search for home decor easier!

+ Stick to a 2-4 color palette to keep it simple and clean

+ Make it cozy! Layer your couch or chairs with blankets and swap out pillow covers for a home-y feel

+ Put your favorite Fall scent on display, but don't overdo it! I usually use mostly unscented candles and have 1 Fall candle burning in the kitchen

+ Bring in Autumn colors with dried floral arrangements and grasses. No upkeep and they'll last you for seasons to come!

+ Keep the pumpkins and plaid to a minimum. It's easy to gravitate towards seasonally-specific decor items, but there is definitely such a thing as too much. Less is more!

+ Give your bookcases or shelves a subtle revamp. Swap out your summer-y items and replace them with accents like this chainlink or a small dried arrangement.

Handpicked minimal fall home decor finds