20+ Summer Wardrobe Essentials You Need

Although I love a trend, when I'm putting together an everyday outfit I'm always reaching for my staple pieces first. I've realized that trends only really carry my wardrobe so far and it's the wardrobe essentials that I truly get my money's worth with. I've worn my basic tanks, classic jeans and linen shirts ragged and for good reason!

In today's post, I'm sharing 20+ Summer wardrobe essentials you need in your closet. These are the pieces I wear over and over again, and great foundations for building any Summer outfit.

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summer wardrobe essentials

Linen Blazer, Striped Shirt, White T-Shirt, Shoulder Bag, Light Wash Denim, Basic Camis, Everyday Sunglasses, Layering Necklace (code DANIELLE20), Gold Hoops (code DANIELLE20), Denim ShortsStrappy Sandals, Sundress, Woven Bag, Round Woven Bag, Trousers, One Piece SwimsuitSlides, Black Sunglasses, White Converse Sneakers, White Denim, Denim ShirtGold Chunky HoopsWhite Button-Up, Pull On Linen Pant, Bikini Top & Bottoms, Gauzy Beach Shirt


Staple Tops

White Tee - You can't go wrong with a simple white tee! It's so versatile and can be dressed up or down. I have the Abercrombie Essential Easy Tee in almost every color -perfect fit and only $25.

Basic Cami - Of course you can always swap this with any type of tank, but I love a cami for Summer. These basic camis from Boden are so comfy.

Striped Shirt - For a long time I was never really a stripes girl, but I've come to love a classic stripe for beach days and casual Summer outfits.

White Button-Up - One of those spring staples that's just a non-negotiable. Abercrombie is one of my go-to places to shop for good quality button-ups that also won't break the bank.

Guazy Beach Shirt - Similar to a button-up, but oh so different. I love gauzy or linen shirts for a step down to feel a little more casual versus a white button-up. I live in this one!

Sundress - Not huge on dresses in any other season but they're just so easy in the Summertime. I love the textured linen dresses this season.



Staple Bottoms

Light Wash Denim - Jeans are my love language, and you know my love for AGOLDE, in particular, runs deep. If you're not quite ready to splurge on a pair of jeans, try Abercrombie Denim, which is another favorite!

White Denim - When it comes to white denim, it's important to be on the lookout for a thicker material that's low-stretch denim. AGOLDE, again is a top-choice for me, but I also love this Abercrombie 90s Relaxed pair.

Denim Shorts - I'm not big on denim shorts, and really only have 1-2 pairs I swear by. My all-time favorite pair is the AGOLDE Parker Long in Swapmeet.

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Trousers - My love for the Abercrombie Sloan tailored pant runs deep! I have them in almost every color and they're a great workwear option that can also be styled casually.

Pull on Linen Pant  - Yes, it's coastal grandma season ladies. What even is Summer without a linen pant?



Staple Outerwear

Linen Blazer - I also wear my traditional blazers throughout Summer but a linen blazer is a great seasonal swap.

Denim Shirt - If you're wanting a piece of outerwear to throw over a tank that doesn't necessarily fall into the jacket category, denim shirts are it this season. This one from CottonOn has been my most-worn this season, and I'm also currently loving this darker style.

Classic One Piece or Bikini - Whatever your style is, always have a classic black swimsuit on rotation. My go-to swimwear brands are Aerie & L*Space. Have also heard great things about Summersalt!



Staple Shoes

Casual Sneakers - Most days I'm reaching for a sneaker. Converse is my go-to for everyday outfits, but I've also been wearing this New Balance style non-stop (one of the most comfy sneakers I've owned).

Slides - As evidenced by the resurgence of Birkenstocks, trends really do come back around. My middle-school self would be proud. The Arizona in Antique White goes with everything (more retailers linked below) and I also love the $49 'Essentials' version (great for beach days, pool, etc.).

Strappy Sandals - A must-have for workwear, date nights, etc.



Staple Accessories

Everyday Sunglasses - Sunglasses are the one thing I never really invest in because I'm always throwing them around, always misplacing them in a bottom of a bag, etc. Enter, Amazon...my sunglasses gold mine. My current favorite is this Prada lookalike for only $13.

Shoulder Bag - And no, it doesn't have to be designer! If you are buying designer, YSL is usually my brand of choice because I find that their bags are very practical and versatile. You can also find a ton of budget-friendly options on Amazon. Check out my Amazon Storefront for all my faves.

Woven Bag - Whether it's a beach bag or something you're styling for everyday, I love a woven or raffia fabric for Summer.

Gold Hoops - You'll find me wearing a pair of simple gold hoops almost daily. Here are some of my favorite pairs.

Layering Necklaces - Something as simple as layered necklaces have this incredible ability to elevate any outfit. I usually stack 2-3, with my most worn pieces being from Electric Picks. You can use code DANIELLE 20 for 20% off sitewide, always (plus, the brand has a lifetime guarantee on any piece you buy!).



How to Style Your Summer Wardrobe Essentials

My favorite thing about staples is that you can use them to build a simple outfit on their own, or use them as your foundation around a trending or statement piece. Here are a few styling ideas!

And that's your guide to Summer wardrobe essentials! The great thing about staples is that if you don't already have them in your closet, the ones you purchase will remain in your closet for years to come.