This is Your Sign to Treat Yourself

Okay yes, it’s been a year; but somehow life keeps going faster than ever. I don’t know about you but one of the hardest things for me to do for myself is to just take a beat and carve out more time to do the things I truly enjoy. 

So that said, I’m deeming it the Summer of self-care. Less phone time, more in-the-moment enjoyment, and more of what makes me smile.

This is your sign to treat yourself!

Trying out new things, whether it’s a recipe, a beauty product or a new trend is my happy place. It always brings me excitement and enjoyment, and that’s exactly how I felt when I opened this season’s FabFitFun box (I also felt like it was my birthday, or Christmas, or some other special occasion because getting a giant box of goodies delivered to your door is...awesome).


To be honest, a subscription box has to really wow me to catch my attention, and I have to say I was SO excited about the brands and full-sized products featured in this season’s box. 

If you’re not familiar with FabFitFun, it’s a seasonal subscription box filled with all kinds of products from fashion to beauty, fitness, lifestyle and more. As an annual member, you can customize each item in your box to fit your lifestyle, so you’re always getting something you’ll use and love.

When I made all of my product selections, I was the best kind of overwhelmed; there was so much to choose from which made me feel like I was able to really intentionally choose all of the products and items I knew I would use.


Treat Yourself Fabfitfun


Still on the fence?
Here’s why you should treat yourself to a FabFitFun subscription (code DANIELLEG gets you $10 off your first box).

FFF supports female-founded brands, with high standards

Women supporting women; we love to see it! I love that most of FFF’s featured products and brands are from female-founded companies. In addition, they take their product standards seriously, and have a detailed curation process for featured products which excludes a list of harmful ingredients. 

It’s the perfect solution to trying new products & brands on a budget

If you’re a product junkie or just love trying out the latest and greatest, FFF is a great way to get your hands on full-sized products for a fraction of the price. Some of my favorites in this month’s box would’ve cost more than the entire box!

Your box is is fully customizable, so you can pick what you love

FFF memberships are super flexible! Annual members can customize their entire box which is what I got to do. I’ve already used every single product in my box, and loved having the option to choose every step of the way. Members also get access to additional perks like add-ons, flash sales & more.

Seasonal members can choose one additional box option, or you can have the FFF team curate your entire box for you based on your interests.

FFF is making you feel good, while also doing good

I’m always more inclined to support brands with great values and charitable initiatives. Every season, FFF partners with a new non-profit, and this season, they are partnering with Make-A-Wish. Makes me feel good to know that a brand I’m supporting is also supporting those in need.

You deserve it. Period.

When’s the last time you treated yourself to something you were super excited about? Oh, you can’t remember? K, well it’s time 😉.

Treat Yourself Fabfitfun

In my box:

  • Summer Fridays CC Me Serum 
  • Ouai Detox Shampoo & Scalp Massager 
  • Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40
  • To the Market Melamine Printed Serving Tray 
  • Seraphine Botanicals Fruit Butter Lip Mask
  • Art & Cook Citrus Squeezer
  • Blush Pineapple Ice Tray 
  • Ciate Watermelon Burst Setting Spray 

All in favor of self-care Summer? 🙋‍♀️  Treat yourself to $10 off your first box with code DANIELLEG.

Thank you, FabFitFun, for partnering with me on this post!