Everything You Need to Know About Dry Conditioner

ICYMI, I’m extremely grateful and excited to share that I’ll be embarking on a year-long partnership with Waterl<ss Hair Care, a brand that I was first introduced to earlier this year! Get ready for a year full of tips, tricks and hacks. We’re going to be chatting all-things haircare as I share my favorite Waterl<ss products and how I incorporate them into my daily routine. This post was sponsored by Waterl<ss but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Winter is comingggg! I will say, hair always feels a little easier in the Winter, don’t you think? That said, while we get to ditch the humidity, we also unfortunately have to say hello to static.

Enter, my secret weapon: Waterl<ss Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture!


Waterless Dry Conditioner

What is dry conditioner?

Dry shampoo is undoubtedly a staple in all of our haircare routines, but have you ever tried dry conditioner? I actually prefer using dry conditioner over traditional conditioner because it does a better job of keeping my hair moisturized without the excess oil (and less oil = less washes per week).

Just like dry shampoo, dry conditioner is a water-free solution to frizz & static, dried out ends, and tangled hair.

3 benefits of dry conditioner

1. Frizz & static control // Confession: I used to always carry a dryer sheet in my bag for extreme hair static emergencies! Happy to say that I’ve graduated to dry conditioner instead. Hats are my #1 accessory of choice in the Fall & Winter and a few spritzes of dry conditioner is the perfect solution.

2. Moisture without the oil // Like I mentioned, one of my favorite benefits of dry conditioner is the added moisture without the excess oil. Especially having color-treated hair, my ends tend to try out quickly. Omega 9 nutrients lock in moisture and fight against that dry, straw-like texture. Also, a great option to keep your ends in check if you tend to stretch out time between regular trims (guilty).

3. Dry detangler // I’m one of those people who has to douse their hair in detangler. I use it to help detangle my hair, and dry shampoo steps in for time in between washes to keep my hair from knotting. I used to have to rip through my hair with a paddle brush at night before bed, and now I can simply run my fingers through and I’m good to go.

Is dry conditioner suitable
for my hair type?

Here’s the cool part...Waterl<ss doesn’t really believe in one-size-fits-all products. Hair types are so different across the board, and one of the reasons I love Waterl<ss is because they have variations within their product lines that cater to certain hair types.

So the answer is yes! Waterl<ss’ dry conditioner is suitable for all hair types; choose the Dry Conditioner Weightless Smooth if you have fine to medium hair and the Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture if you have thick hair (what I use).

So, are you convinced?! I used to always be team dry shampoo over anything, but I’ll honestly say that I’d probably reconsider since starting to incorporate dry conditioner into my weekly routine.

Shop my under-$10 Waterl<ss Dry Conditioner here at CVS & see my recent Reel on how to use it here.

Waterless Dry Conditioner