Holiday Travel Tips

What to Know If You're Traveling For the Holidays

The holidays are stressful enough — add travel on top of it and you're in for a whirlwind. Over the years, I've found that planning as much in advance as possible keeps me so much calmer as I prepare for a trip. Trust me, it's key to actually enjoy your time away.

Sharing a few of my favorite holiday travel tips with you in today's post. Some might sound obvious but they're obvious for a reason. I'm also including a few of my fave travel gadgets with my stamp of approval!

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01. Book your flight early

If you haven't already booked your flight for the holidays, here's your sign to do so ASAP! Prices only go up the closer you wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas, so save yourself some money (and the headache) by not waiting until the last minute. You can also set up price alerts on sites like Skyscanner so you never miss a good deal.

02. Utilize your carry-on

My luggage has only gotten lost once before (although traumatizing nonetheless). I always pack my essentials (makeup bag, an outfit or two, extra underwear/socks, valuables) in my carry-on just in case. Or, better yet, try to only pack a carry-on if you're able to. You can also add an Apple AirTag to your luggage, especially if you're traveling internationally, to be able to at least know where it ended up — if the airlines can't. I'm also obsessed with these packing cubes - they save so much space in your suitcase.

03. Buy smaller gifts or ship them instead

If you're planning on exchanging gifts, or better yet buy smaller items or ship them to their final destination in advance (one of my top-recommended holiday travel tips). That way, you don't have to worry about fitting them in your suitcase, having anything break during travel, or dealing with the hassle of getting wrapped presents through security. By the way, I have a ton of gift ideas on my Holiday Hub to make shopping a breeze.

04. If you're driving, get a tune-up beforehand

If you're driving to your holiday destination, don't skip that oil change and tune up. Is there anything worse than having car trouble on your way to Thanksgiving dinner? Also, keep in mind the weather conditions. If you're driving somewhere with snow, make sure you have chains or snow tires so you don't get stuck somewhere unexpectedly. I also love this handy emergency car kit to keep in our car at all times.

05. Make reservations in advance

While I love a home-cooked meal, sometimes going out to dinner is a nice treat. Or, if you're going on vacation during the holidays, make sure to make reservations well in advance. Restaurants book up fast this time of year, and you don't want to be stuck without dinner plans on Christmas Eve!

06. Give yourself a little extra time

If you're flying, give yourself a little extra time to get through security. The holidays are some of the busiest travel days of the year, and you don't want to miss your flight due to long lines and delays getting to your gate. Besides, it's a lot better to have some time to kill at the bar before your flight rather than pushing things to the limit. The same can be said if you're driving. Traffic tends to pick up during the holidays so get a jump start in the morning or leave a day earlier to avoid traffic the best you can.

07. Prepare for the worst

Sh*t happens, especially while traveling. I like to pack a small bag with all those little things you never know if you'll need (portable charger, tissues, hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, hand cream, noise-canceling earbuds). I also never travel without medicine, vitamins, and Emergen-C to try to beat the travel germs. This pill organizer is so chic and compact.

Hope these holiday travel tips were helpful! Wishing you all a happy holiday travels!