20 Spring Wardrobe Staples Guaranteed to Help Build Any Outfit

Trends are what drive me from season to season; something new to feel excited about - something fresh and fun to experiment with. I love a new seasonal trend, but what I've come to realize over the years is that trends only really carry my wardrobe so far. It's the wardrobe staples, rather, that I find I reach for most. Whether I need something quick and simple to wear or whether I want to build an outfit with a solid base, there are a certain pieces in my closet that consistently make their way into juuust about every outfit I wear.

In today's post, I'm sharing 20 Spring wardrobe staples that you'll wear over and over again. You know we live for neutrals over here, so everything you'll see falls into a black-white-beige spectrum.

What about florals and pops of color?

That's the beauty of spring wardrobe staples! Think of these staples as your pieces that can start or finish any outfit. As long as you have the essentials, adding in something like a colorful heel or a floral is a piece of cake.

spring wardrobe staples

Black Blazer, Gathered Sleeve Blazer, White Tee, Chunky Boot, Medium Wash Denim, Leather Jacket, Suede Jacket, YSL Bag, Trench Coat, Converse Platforms, APL Running Sneakers, Nike AF1, Coin Necklace, Eye Necklace, Twisted Necklace (discount code below), Denim Jacket, Black Denim, White Denim, Strappy Sandals, Gold Hoops, Round Sunnies, Rectangle Sunnies, Tan Blouse, Nude Pump, White Button-Up, Belted Dress Pants, High-Neck Bodysuit

Blazers - I used to loathe blazers outside of a formal setting, until I figured out the shapes and styles that fit most with my personal style. I personally love a blazer that's a little on the longer and more oversized side. I feel my best when I can wear a fitted top with a pair of jeans and an oversized blazer! H&M is always my first stop when I'm looking for a new blazer & some of my favorite I own are from the brand! The "gathered sleeve" style pictured in the collage above is a great, versatile style that's perfect for work, too.

White Tee - I don't own many white tees because I know what I love! Madewell and J.Crew carry some my favorites, but Abercrombie also has a huge selection of white tees I love!

Chunky Boot - Or really any kind of boot that you love! I find the chunkier, block heels to me so much more comfortable for every day wear. My mom got me this Dolce Vita boot this past Christmas and it's my go to when I want to elevate a jeans outfit.

Medium Wash Denim - Jeans are my love language, and you know my love for AGOLDE, in particular, runs deep. If you're not quite ready to splurge on a pair of jeans, try Abercrombie Denim, which is another favorite!


Leather or Suede Jacket - If we're talking Spring outerwear, these are really the only 2 things you need! BLANK NYC is my favorite brand to shop for suede jackets from. As for leather, you can find pieces with a mid-level price point from brands like Topshop and Zara. I invested in this piece by AllSaints, which I've had for many years.

Simple Bag - And no, it doesn't have to be designer! If you are buying designer, YSL is usually my brand of choice because I find that their bags are very practical and versatile. This is a great budget-friendly alternative option under $35 I also love!

White Sneakers - In the Spring especially, white sneakers are what I wear most days. Jeans, midi skirt, name it, it's usually white sneakers! Converse is my go-to for everyday outfits, always.

Layering Necklaces - Something as simple as layered necklaces have this incredible ability to elevate any outfit. I usually stack 2-3, with my most worn pieces being from Electric Picks. You can use code DANIELLE 20 for 20% off sitewide, always (plus, the brand has a lifetime guarantee on any piece you buy!).


Trench Coat - Was on the hunt for the perfect trench coat this year which I finally found after lots of searching. Unfortunately, my style is currently sold out (I have a feeling it will restock, and you can sign up for back-in-stock notifications) but I found an almost identical style by Sam Edelman.

Denim Jacket - Especially when it comes to Spring dresses and skirt outfits, a denim jacket always comes in handy when you want something a little more casual.

Black Denim - You'll rarely see me wearing a skinny jean in the Spring. Instead, I usually stick to a straight leg or a looser fit (idk, they just feel more Spring to me). My favorite styles are the 90s Pinch Waist, the 90s Mid-Rise (really a high rise), and the Ultra High Rise Straight.

Check out this post for AGOLDE fit and sizing details

White Denim - When it comes to white denim, it's important to be on the lookout for a thicker material that's low-stretch denim. AGOLDE, again is a top-choice for me, but I also love this pair from Madewell and these by Rollas.

Strappy Sandals - Sandals are probably one of my favorite Spring wardrobe staples to shop for each year. Check out: The Best Spring Sandals for 2022


Gold Hoops - I never used to be big on earrings, but have come to love a pair of simple gold hoops, and wear them almost daily. This pair from Electric Picks is my go-to most days. I also rounded up some of my favorites from Amazon here.

Simple Sunnies - Sunglasses are the one thing I never really invest in because I'm always throwing them around, always misplacing them in a bottom of a bag, etc. Enter, sunglasses gold mine. My $15 pairs from Amazon have been some of my favorites over the years!

Satin Blouse - Love a satin blouse because it's a great workwear staple that you can also bring into date night or your weekend plans. So easy to dress up or down, while still looking put together!


Nude Pump - I'm a big fan of block heels when it comes to pumps; just overall easier to walk in and more comfortable for me! Nine West, Sam Edelman and Marc Fisher carry some of my favorite, most comfortable pumps.

White Button-Up - One of those spring staples that's just a non-negotiable. H&M has lots of budget-friendly button-ups. If you're not really an Oxford-shirt girl, try a linen/gauze version.

Dress Pants - Express, Ann Taylor and Zara are where I find most of my dress pants!

Bodysuit - You already know my love for Abercrombie bodysuits! So many great basics to choose from, and their seamless fabric is soo comfortable. I also love this bodysuit from Amazon, which I have multiples of in every color!

Hope this helps you to start piecing together your new Spring wardrobe!