Tips For Spending the Holidays At Home

Even if you're not planning on traveling for the holidays this year, doesn't mean your time spent at home can't be special. Tbh, a lowkey Christmas at home can be so nice! While I love spending time with family, a little R&R never hurt anyone, especially during this busy time of year. So, if you want to get that festive holiday feeling right at home, here are a few tips for making it feel just as cheery.

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01. Set the mood

Even if you aren't hosting a big holiday dinner or expecting many guests this year, doesn't mean you should skip out on decorations. Put up your tree and hang those stockings so your home still feels festive and cozy. I also recommend setting the mood by playing your favorite Christmas playlist on repeat (here's my Christmas playlist on Spotify) and lighting candles in every room of the house. Trust me, romanticizing things will instantly get you in the holiday spirit.

02. Drive to see Christmas lights

If you don't live in one of those neighborhoods that go all out with Christmas lights, then drive to go see them. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions because of the amount of effort some people put into their displays. Pack some hot chocolate and your favorite holiday treats and don't be afraid to blast those Christmas tunes!

03. Make a holiday cocktail

'Tis the season to get buzzed, am I right? With nowhere to be and your OOO set, there's no better time to try out a new cocktail recipe (or two). Even if you're more of a wine drinker, have a little fun and step out of your comfort zone. Half Baked Harvest has an entire page dedicated to holiday cocktails that look delish. Or, follow @join_jules on IG - she is the queen of all things cocktails.

04. Get out of the house

Sometimes, all you really need to do is get the h*ll out of the house. Instead of binge watching Christmas movies on Netflix (which I totally still do) go to the movie theater instead - yes, movie theaters still exist lol. Make it a date by going to dinner first so it feels more special. Or, go to the ice skating rink, ski if you live somewhere with slopes, or get out in nature. Either way, having something to do that doesn't involve your couch will make it feel like you actually have holiday plans.

05. Do some self-care

We all know the importance of self-care, but it can often get put on the back burner this time of year. So, now's the perfect time to take a nice bath, put on a face mask, and read your favorite book (glass of wine in hand). This facial steamer will also take your self-care to the next level, and this ice roller from Amazon is great for depuffing.

06. Plan a game night

Invite your friends and neighbors over for a good old fashioned game night. How often do we get to feel like kids again? Codenames and Cards Against Humanity are always crowd-pleasers. You could also do a cookie exchange by asking everyone to bring their favorite holiday treat. What's better than leaving a party with a goodie bag?

07. Bake something

I love baking this time of year. From cinnamon rolls to sugar cookies and everything in between, nothing says the holidays like a homemade treat. They also make great gifts for neighbors and coworkers. If you're unsure of what to make, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my sweet tooth addiction.

08. Step up your wrapping game

This year, I'm planning on stepping up my wrapping game. Instead of waiting until the last minute to wrap all those gifts, I want to pick a theme that meshes well. I'm hoping it will make the wrapping process more fun and exciting. You have to check out these gift wrapping themes - they're super cute, if I do say so myself.

I hope these tips for spending the holidays at home make the season feel a little more special. If you're traveling, I shared a few things you should know here.